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Dear colleagues, partners, friends!

On behalf of LLC "Promstroy Engineering" I am pleased to welcome you on our Internet portal. Its main purpose is to provide detailed information on all existing and prospective lines of activity of LLC "Promstroy Engineering" and also give the opportunity to assess our experience and potential.
"Promstroy Engineering" today is the specialized organization for the design of various technological installations at the enterprises of metallurgy, energy, building materials, refining, oil and gas industry, chemical industry, machinery and other industries.
The backbone of the company is a cohesive team of highly qualified professionals-experts in the design of petrochemical, refining, metallurgy, energy, industrial and sanitary purification of gases, come from large well-known design institutes, under whose leadership designed, built and successfully operated a process plant in different plants in our country and abroad.
"Promstroy Engineering" has a comprehensive approach to solving technological and environmental problems, improve the reliability of the equipment, performing full cycle of works: pre-project inspection of objects; elaboration of design and detailed design documentation of all parts, execution of technological calculations, the mathematical modeling of the processes in the manufacture and supply of equipment, supervision of projects during construction, installation supervision, field supervision, commissioning, personnel training, technical support after the warranty period, the operation of facilities, guidance and counselling services during the entire work cycle.
Asset of any Company is its corporate knowledge accumulated in the technology, ideas, analytical developments, its history and traditions. Our company is experts of the highest class. This team, which is an alloy of many years of experience, enormous diligence, professionalism, traditions and desire to work in a team.
Taking this opportunity, I would like to thank our customers for the trust!
We are always open for long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.

"Promstroy Engineering"

Alexander Soloviev

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