Elaboration of design and detailed design documentation

LLC "Promstroy Engineering" develops design and detailed design documentation for the construction (reconstruction, modernization and technical re-equipment) of installations and facilities with their own development, as well as through licensing processes.

Design documentation is developed in strict accordance with the RF Government Decree № 87 dated 16.02.08, "On the part of sections of the design documentation and requirements to their content" to the extent necessary to obtain a positive opinion of the state expertise of the FAA "GlavGosExpertisa" or other state / non-state examination.

The composition of the design documentation:

Section 1 "Explanatory Note"

Section 2 "Scheme of planning organization of land"

Section 3 "Architectural Solutions"

Section 4 "Design and space-planning decisions"

Section 5 "Information on engineering equipment, network engineering and technical support, the list of engineering activities, maintenance of technological solutions"

Subsection 1 "Power supply system"

Subsection 2 "Water supply system"

Subsection 3 "Drainage system"

Subsection 4 "Heating, ventilation and air conditioning, heat networks"

Sub-section 5 "Communication Networks"

Subsection 7 "Technological solutions"

Section 6 "Construction Management Project"

Section 8, "List of environmental protection measures"

Chapter 9 "Fire Safety Measures"

Section 10 "Requirements for safe use of capital construction"

Section 11 "Measures to ensure compliance with the energy efficiency requirements of equipment and buildings and structures metering devices used energy resources"

Section 12.1 "List of civil defence activities, activities for the prevention of emergency situations of natural and technogenic character, measures to combat terrorism"

Section 12.2 "Hazardous industrial facilities Industrial Safety Declaration"

Section 12.3 "Declaration of safety of hydraulic structures";

Section 12.4, "Production management, the company and the organization of working conditions of workers and employees"

The list of required for the development of sections can vary depending on the design of the object.

Detailed design documentation.

The working documentation is developed in strict accordance with the requirements of GOST R 21.1101-2013 to the extent necessary for the purchase of equipment, materials and products, as well as perform a full range of construction and installation works.

The basic structure of the Working Documents:

ГТ Master plan and transport facilities

АД Highways

ТР Transport Facilities

АС Architectural solutions

AР Architectural solutions

КЖ Ferro-concrete constructions

KM Metal constructions


A3 Corrosion protection of buildings, facilities

ЭС Electricity

ЭН Outdoor electric

ЭМ Power equipment

ЭО Electric lighting (interior)

HB External water supply network

НК Exterior sewage network

НВК Water supply and sewerage network

ВК Domestic water supply and sanitation

ПТ Firefighting

ОВ Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

ВС Air supply

TM thermal mechanical solutions

ТС thermal mechanical solutions of heat networks

РТ Radio communication, broadcasting and television

ПСSubstation Fire Alarm

ОС Security and fire alarm

TX Production Technology

ТК Communications Technology

ТИ Thermal insulation of equipment and pipelines

AK Automation Integrated

CC Communication Networks

СМ Estimates. Local estimates for each set of detailed design documents. Object estimates. Consolidated budget

The list of required to the development of sections of the design and detailed design documentation may vary depending on the design of the object.

In the development of the graphical part of the design and detailed design documentation for our design engineers use a three-dimensional surround system design based on AutoCAD Plant 3D and Model Studio CS. This allows to obtain three-dimensional image model of any object, the territory with the issuance of design documentation that meets all modern standards. The technological capabilities of the system, radically changing the approach to design can not only significantly reduce design time, to carry out several projects simultaneously, but at the same time and improve the quality of design and detailed design documents, which greatly reduces the possible future costs and risks of the Customer.

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