Using the Software

All produced documentation is developed by using AutoCAD Plant 3D volumetric three-dimensional design system. This allows to obtain three-dimensional image model of any object with the issuance of project documentation that meets all modern standards. The technological capabilities of the system can not only significantly reduce design time, it helps to carry out several projects simultaneously, but at the same time and improve the quality of documentation, which greatly reduces the possible future costs and risks of the Customer.



AutoCAD Plant 3D, Autodesk Revit Building 8, NanoCad

Computer-aided industrial design, including specialized functions for the design and analysis of building constructions


Cross-platform application that is intended for the Elaboration of technical documentation in accordance with the norms of system of project documentation for the construction (SPDS).     

Structure CAD (SCAD)

The selection and testing of the existing reinforcement in reinforced concrete constructions, calculation of deflections in view of the cracks in the tension zone of reinforced concrete, the determination of loads and effects on structures, examination of damaged structures, calculation and design of steel construction components of buildings and structures, etc.


Calculation of the strength and rigidity of various purposes pipelines having an arbitrary configuration in a space under static and cyclic loading, and wall thicknesses and on fittings pressure.


Calculation and selection of thermal insulation, the formation of a heat-insulating structure of pipelines, fittings and equipment


System of normative documents

Project Strudio CS Foundations

Project Strudio CS Constructions

Design drawings of brands QOL and ECC in accordance with national standards in AutoCAD area

SCAD office
Computing complex for strength analysis of structures.
CADLib Model and Archive
It brings together in an interconnected information space of 3D model of the designed or existing industrial plant or facility construction, documentation, specifications and schedule.
Model Studio CS Pipelines
For 3D design of processing units as well as intra, intrashop interplant and process pipelines, steam and hot water, water and gas supply systems, heating systems, sewage and other.
Model Studio CS Cable Economy
For 3D layout of cable structures of any complexity and automatic 3D layout of cables.
Model Studio CS Technological scheme
Is a powerful and easy to use software to quickly and easily create a fundamental, technology and assembly and technological schemes of installations and facilities.
Model Studio CS Building solutions
The formation of 3D model of building structures, the layout of precast and reinforced concrete, the creation of standard metal structures, the design of steel structures assemblies, the formation and release of design and working documentation.


The Elaboration of cost estimate documentation.

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