Engineering inspection of buildings and structures

In the case of design work on reconstruction of the various existing industries is often necessary to affect the existing buildings and facilities. To do this, you must perform an engineering survey to determine the actual state and load-bearing capacity of these buildings. The results of engineering surveys are the source data at the beginning of works on the development of documentation.

Getting to the elaboration of design and detailed design documentation for the possibility of taking quality and reasonable technical solutions, as well as for the subsequent passing of the state examination,it is necessary to perform complex engineering surveys. As a rule it is:

  • Engineering and geodetic surveys;

  • Geological engineering;

  • Engineering and hydrometeorological surveys;

  • Engineering and environmental survey (mobilization, field, laboratory and office work)

  • Other types of research.

"PromstroyEngineering" LLC independently or with partners, carries out all the necessary

 All you need to start the initial data we collect on their own.

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