Equipment delivery

LLC "Promstroy Engineering" in the performance of the project also supplies equipment used in projects.

Long-term experience of employees interacting with the world's leading manufacturers of production equipment and use in projects of reliable and high-tech, the tested technologies that meet all requirements of world standards allows LLC "Promstroy Engineering" provides customers with a reliable, certified equipment.

Evaluation and selection of potential manufacturers and suppliers of the equipment is carried out according to the criteria characterizing the ability to provide a competitive level, given the technical requirements, the optimal price / quality ratio, the quality of the system, experience;

On delivery, non-standard equipment and products of LLC "Promstroy Engineering" consider and adopt the technical documentation of manufacturers to meet the requirements of standards and technical requirements for the development, manufacture and supply. Implemented quality control equipment in the process of manufacture and assembly.

LLC "Promstroy Engineering" provides a full range of services related to the supply of equipment: the production, packaging, delivery, installation and installation supervision, warranty and post-warranty service, training of customer personnel.

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