Construction of ammonium sulfate production plant in Cherepovets
In July 2019, the construction of an ammonium sulphate production plant in Cherepovets is actively going in accordance with the detail design documentation developed by PSI LLC.

Recall that the contract for the development of this documentation was concluded in September 2018, and in November the first foundations appeared on the site.

The finished detail design documentation was handed over to the customer in full set six months later - in March 2019.

Today, construction is in the active phase: the main frame is installed, about 70% of the equipment is mounted, including one of the most complex and volumetric parts is the crystallizer.

PSI LLC pays special attention to the quality of the implementation of its projects, therefore we ensure that our specialists are constantly present on the construction site - architectural supervision has been conducted in Cherepovets since the excavation.

The general contractor in the execution of this work is the dynamically developing company Stellar Construction LLC, which is part of the international holding Ant Yapi.

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